FM transmitters and repeaters up to 10kW


The FM production covers a full range of power up to 10kW with compact and modular  FM Transmitters as follow:

  • Compact Transmitter with output power 30W, 300W, 600W and 1kW.
  • Modular 2.5kW amplifier with redundant Power Supply
  • Combined 5kW and 10kW using  2.5kW amplifiers modules.

The technical solutions adopted by our engineers are focused to improve life time,  total equipment reliability  and  easy service operation.  

The advanced interface guarantees full compatibility with all  the remote controls via  WEB/SNMP and Broadcast systems like N+1. 


NEW 600W mod. TX600

FM Transmitters High Efficiency

The new 500W TX05HE and 1kW TX1HE  are the first CTE FM Transmitters based on the last generation of RF Devices that greatly increase the total equipment efficiency up to 75%, reducing dimension and weight, granting very high reliability and stability on the performances.


The new range includes  the same controls, user interface and FM modulator platform used on the actual CTE Transmitter series.  Full compatibility is guaranteed between current new ranges.


NEW 500W-1kW mod. TX05HE-TX1HE

Fiber optic application for FM ISO-Frequency systems

 A simple way to cover the highway with the same FM service consist in a system that converts the RF FM modulated signal to optical and deliver it trough a dedicated optical fiber line. 

A low power repeater station will convert again the signal to RF. 

The Frequency radiation is achieved by directional antennas to cover the area with the dedicated service.



The FM ISO-Frequency systems is composed by:


Head station

1. Standard FM Transmitter Mono, low power 1W

2. Laser Transmitter  for optical fiber

3. Rack and accessory, UPS,  monitoring, pass band filter, etc...



Repeater Station

1. Optical receiver for fiber 

2. Special FM amplifier 0dbm imput with active filter tuned on the ISO frequency.

3. Rack and accessory, UPS,  monitoring, pass band filter, etc...

Radio FM Multichannel

Models available up to 30Wrms