More than 60 years experience

More than 60 years experience - CTE Digital Broadcast

CTE Digital Broadcast,  with premises in Milan  and Reggio Emilia and Bologna, together with its partners Meta System, CTE International, Teko Telecom and Midland International  combines into one company  60 years of experience and competence in the broadcast transmitter field, as well as having a considerable capacity for constant innovation.


By means of its consistent investments in research and development  CTE Digital Broadcast is able to secure customer satisfaction throughout the products entire life. The performance and the reliability of CTE Broadcast products are kept as the main focus of the whole production process, offering a real value-for-money option in the market. With the effective reorganisation of its Production Area, CTE Digital Broadcast srl  is capable of warranting total control of its purchasing, logistics, production and testing groups, thus ensuring a product that meets all aspects of technical specifications and fulfils the needs of the customer.  

In its drive to consolidate its position as leader in its field  CTE Digital Broadcast has developed and manufactured various models of transmitters and repeaters with the new digital DAB/DMB and DVB-T/H technologies. The excellent quality of the products and competitive prices allow CTE to distribute in all the EU countries, as well as in Scandinavia,  Eastern Europe, the Middle East, North and South America, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the Far East and China.

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ISO 9001:2008

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